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The problem this product solves


Man is the greatest enemy of his success. The ever-increasing development of technologies carries environmental risks. However, the pollution of the earth can’t be explained just by the incredible development of industries. Everyone’s life has an involuntary negative impact on the ecosystem. With the CANNA One runaboat, you’ll take the first steps towards a positive change in reducing noise levels, exhaust emissions or the amount of waste. At the same time, you’ll experience emotions you wouldn’t experience on traditional motorboats. You don’t have to compromise anymore.

How the product solves it


CANNA One is as environmentally friendly as possible. The hull based on natural plant fibres and ecological laminates is an innovative alternative to traditional composite structures made of plastic and glass fibres but retains the same characteristics. Most of the materials used to produce CANNA One are completely renewable.

The integrated electric drive powered by lightweight batteries doesn’t generate pollution during its operation and offers a great experience. It is in constant readiness for operation. After switching on, it reaches maximum torque. At the same time, it is more economical compared to an internal combustion engine.

Product features


Lightweight plant laminates provide the unit with weight reduction for better manoeuvrability and economical use of “green energy” accumulated in Li-Ion batteries by the integrated electric drive. The boat’s performance is directly proportional to innovative solutions used.


Luxurious character and a timeless climate - this is CANNA One. Its classic shape brings to mind luxury and innovative ideas of designers from the twenties of the last century, hiding technology that “kicks the emotions” to the 21st century and at the same time balances freedom, prestige, and negative impact on the natural environment.

Product use cases


CANNA One is for everyone. It all depends on your needs. If you live by a lake, sea etc. and need transportation - CANNA One is for you. Do you take part in sport or tourism? Develop your passion with CANNA One! Or maybe it’s just nice to have it? Our boat is the golden answer between practicality and fun in a classic, prestigious form.


Target Market

The target market for CANNA Boats is global as we see a growing demand for electric vehicles and pro-ecological solutions. We will distribute our boats through both B2B and B2C channels. Due to its functions, our motorboat is dedicated to:

- private customers as a means of transport, for recreational purposes, as mega-yacht tenders

- companies as a product for sale / long-term rental

- companies as a product for rent - tourist attraction

Competitive landscape

Competitors are companies with an established position on the market with many years of experience. However, a boat made of ecological laminates is an innovative product. It will fill a niche in this segment. The creators of CANNA One simultaneously draw from proven models of recreational boats as well as technological innovations that drive products on a demanding market.

Unique differentiator from competitors

The hull of the boat, made of ecological composites, will provide innovation to the product. Compared to the popularly used glass fibre, plant fibres, including flax, behave similarly, and the production process is less harmless for environment. Comparing glass fibre with plant fibre, the latter has a lower density which affects the weight and higher values of resistance to bending loads. A noticeable advantage is their inherent vibration damping ability, thermal and acoustic insulation, high synthetic performance, and fatigue resistance, as well as good hydrophobic properties. The use of plant-based fibres ensures that the vessels are lighter and more manoeuvrable.

Company revenue streams

We intend to generate income by selling Canna One boats. At the end of 2022, we plan to achieve the first sales profits. In the early stage, we intend to generate sales through contracts with investors interested in our project. We intend to reach new customers through broadly understood marketing activities and participation in trade fairs.

Product/service distribution

Distribution will take place through two channels:

- online - via the online platform

- offline - through a network of distributors

Canna Boats will support sales through a dynamic marketing campaign on the Internet, using its website and social media such as Facebook or Instagram. We will use all available tools to make the Canna Boat brand recognisable as a reliable producer of modern solutions in the field of electric boats.


Previous milestones/traction

2017 - 2018 - development of the first motorboat designs

2019 - detailed project, business assumptions, forming a team responsible for the project, marketing strategy, creating the necessary business relationships

3Q and 4Q 2020 - business plan, implementation of a marketing strategy,

1Q 2021 - obtaining funds for the construction of a prototype and the first trial series of motorboats

Next key objectives

2Q 2021- making a prototype and trial series based on subcontracting, marketing activities

3Q 2021- parallel sales, marketing activities - development of the sales network, fairs

2021- sale of first motorboats for individual and industry customers, development of production and sales, design of new models and equipment variants

3Q and 4Q 2021- production for the 2022 season, new motorboat model

2022- sales development, acquiring new markets, increasing the distribution network

2023 - 2025 - second round of raising capital, increased sales, obtaining further capital to create our own production facility - reduction of production costs, an increase of processing capacity, development of the dealer network

Previous Financing

The implementation of the Canna Boats idea was financed by the owner and originator of the project. Concept, marketing, and strategy costs amounted to EUR 25,000. You should also take into account the intangible assets on project development in the form of knowledge of specialists from various branches such as marketing, management or ship and boat design.

Use of funds

Canna Boats will use the collected capital to develop and refine the idea. The first step will be to build a boat prototype and equip it with an electric drive from a reputable manufacturer. Our goal will also be to minimise the risk of brand recognition and the lack of a sales network, shown in the risk analysis. Therefore, the capital will be used for a well-thought-out, dynamic marketing campaign and participation in trade fairs and the development of the distribution network.

Business Planupd. Feb. 11, 2021
Financial Forecastupd. Oct. 27, 2020
Draft agreementupd. March 14, 2021